Get with the Neocon program, TP: "First we take down Moscow, then we take Beijing!" Ka-ching!

Nothing will change until the Neocons are removed.

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The hawks better realize quickly that this time are messing around with big powers and not third rate powers like Saddams Iraq or Talibans Afghanistan or Assads Syria. We cannot afford this confronts with China and Russia. Excellent analysis with a timely warning to correct course. Still not too late

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"But no American president would commit genocide as a preventive war strategy."

You're joking, right?

The governing class in the West exhibit behavior indistinguishable from that of sociopaths. Once you internalize this, everything falls into place.

Another irony is that Russia and China and Iran are not natural allies, but American aggression has pushed them together.

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Hard to begin to address with how wrong this take is.

I don’t think anyone in the US elites believe the relative loss of US power is due to losing manufacturing jobs to China. Everyone knows the RELATIVE loss of power was due to the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

To go back to my point about relative power however. The US is still by far the global hegemon. China doesn’t compete in any sphere. Economically, militarily or politically (western alliance system vs chinas. China has no allies. No meaningful ones anyway).

The reason the Us is bringing back manufacturing is strategic. Covid was proof it is not good policy to have your supply chains reliant on one country or region.

That said, with regard to the most important supply chain - energy - the US isn’t reliant on anyone. China is however. Very reliant.

US goals are very simple. To retain the status quo. They have given up, rightly, on the folly that China would liberalise. And so all they need to do is continue with the frozen system. They remain number 1. Therefore taking back control of their supply chains is obvious policy

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"Biden needs to fire Victoria Nuland and perhaps others on his foreign policy team." Showing the odious Victoria Nuland the door will advance Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's plan to tame inflation--not to mention inflammation.

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Isn’t it all driven by domestic political optics though? Same thing happened to Truman. Presidents can’t be viewed as pussies... sad

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Very good. I can say that within DoD they've received the Hawk's talking points and are spending a *lot* of energy figuring out how a hot war will unfold. Yes, planning ahead is one of the central tasks of a military, so not saying we shouldn't ponder, but it's still alarming how quickly the mentality has shifted.

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What's the difference between Taiwan visiting Mccarthy and Mccarthy visiting us? It's just a quibbling difference.

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