"We must learn to think of the polycrisis as a comprehensive crisis whereby the authority and capacity of policy elites to deal effectively with the ensemble of Beckian crises has itself been undermined by the crisis of authority. The polycrisis calls for more than technocrats looking out of their silos. We must place the comprehensive crisis of authority and legitimacy, and elites’ efforts to deal with these meta-crises, at the very center of the frame of reference"

Except in China, where elites deal with crises effectively, on a regular basis and at huge scale.

82% of Chinese support Dynamic Covid Zero, DCZ, because*:

1. Over 3 Covid years, US GDP grew 3.4%, with 1,000,000 Covid deaths and 3,000,000 Long Covids.

2. Over 3 Covid years, China's GDP grew 13.8%, with 7,000 deaths and 38,000 Long Covids.

3. Over 3 Covid years, Chinese life expectancy rose to 77.1 years, US fell to 76.1 years.

4. 72% of Chinese participate in the labor force, vs. 62% of Americans.

5. There are 20 new cases daily per million Chinese, 100 daily in America.

6. 0.0003 deaths/million Chinese, 0.8/million Americans, though Chinese testing catches every case.

7. 95% of China deaths are unvaccinated. In other words, the inactivated vaccines used in China seem to be doing what they are designed to do -prevent serious illness and death.

8. Higher QOL: Free testing & treatment. 7% have been quarantined.

9. "Long Covid is a $3.7 trillion drag on the U.S. economy equal to 17% of pre-pandemic economic output”. Harvard economist David Cutler says cost rivals the Great Recession**.



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