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I see Team D as the party of the PMC, with minorities as very much junior members of the Team D coalition.

Team R, by contrast, is the party of Local Gentry, with white Evangelicals playing the role of sidekicks.

Think Whigs and Tories.

If by chance, Team R or Team D would ever secure power without serious challenge, they would the soon implode, as members of each coalition would quickly discover that they don't really have all that much in common. In fact, they don't even like each other all that much. The rise of Trump has proven most instructive here.

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I like a lot of your work but simplistic analysis often leads to wrong conclusions, as it does in this case. Rate of change of voting groups, which obviously has a major effect. Dobbs, for instance, has supercharged college-educated (white) migration to the Democrats. It doesn’t look like the corresponding working-class effect can counter. You also ignore composition of cohorts and generational replacement. I’m sure you’re aware of the political leanings of the different generational cohorts.

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American history is not *all* discontinuity: the Republicans, including evangelicals, were the party opposed to slavery in the 1860s (and spare me comments that Lincoln really was in favor of slavery).

Today, the Democrats were clearly the better party to purchase to implement the Great Reset (into neo-feudalism, as the Dems always liked the plantation model), but how many Republican governors and legislators have *not* stood up for the right to decline an experimental genetic injection, or to have an employer (the agent of Globalist Fascism) require it, making it essentially impossible to decline?

The ruling party is actually the CCP/WEF Globalists, who have bought 90%+ of the top layer of politicians in the West, with far left & right nationalists in many countries finally joining in opposition.

The true rats abandoned democracy (in the West) for a promised sinecure in the Party. Looking at China, doesn't look like such a great move now.

-> Enter Chaos.

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