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The problem is that any serious attempt to solve this problem would take money and power from the people who matter, probably both in relative and absolute terms.

Since that is a non-starter, the PMC resort to smug bromides such as "let them learn to code!"

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"The World Bank predicted the Sino-Indian economic divergence precisely on the basis of rapid gains in Chinese general well-being after the shock of the cultural revolution (also visible in the graph)”.

The World Bank's prediction turned out to be wrong, as things turned out.

Starting with an illiterate, typhus-infected population living in rubble, and working entirely under massive Western sanctions and embargoes, Mao provided basic universal health care and doubled life expectancy from 35 to 68. No country matches the pace of life expectancy increase under Mao, nor its increase in prosperity.

Germany's fastest development growth was 33% per decade from 1880-1914.

Japan's was 43% from 1874-1929

USSR's was 54% between 1928-58.

Mao's decadal growth rate was 64% between 1952-72.

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Excellent overview.

But what if the goal was precisely to winnow the deplorables?

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Winnowing the deplorables absolutely appears to be the goal. Otherwise something would be done about the fentanyl flooding into the country from China and Mexico and the opioid crisis either wouldn't have occurred or would have been addressed much sooner. On another front, death-hastening Type 2 diabetes is epidemic even though the incidence could be greatly reduced with basic public health measures that aren't even being proposed.

And how long have large majorities of Americans demanded single-payer healthcare that in other countries yields superior results at half the cost? Even in the throes of a pandemic our elites refuse to suggest this possibility. Now we have the developing cannabis crisis, in which far more powerful and absolutely addictive forms of THC are being distributed literally like candy by the same commercial malefactors that hawk tobacco and alcohol. Other tendencies lean in the same direction to the degree that it's only reasonable to conclude that the elites are trying to kill off most of us.

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Think hope is for new union movement or as Matt Christman suggested almost neo ludite reject big tech etc

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